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It’s done! The unedited very raw first draft of book three is complete, and I’m happy and sad at the same time. I have way too much fun writing these stories and it’s always a little depressing to end one. Anyway, the tentative title for the new addition to the So’ladiun series is The Sea of Light and it is the longest book I have written so far. Word count at the moment is close to 200,000 which equals nearly 600 pages in a 6″ x 9″ book format. That’s a long read, but I couldn’t get everything that needed to go into the plot in a shorter version. But if you’re like me, long reads are more fun and they last longer, so I know if you enjoy these characters and their chaotic lives, you will love the extra time with them.
So what now? Well, I am doing my final run through on The Veihl Coast to make sure all plot points line up, and then I will send it off to my editor. Final touchups will be done as quickly as possible, and then I hope to have it out to you guys who have been waiting patiently. (For which I’m grateful!) You guys rock!
That’s all the information I have for you today, but if you guys have any questions or comments, feel free to shoot me a quick email. I’d love to hear from you!
You all have a blessed day!

~ Laurie

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I would like to thank all who came out to Serendipity Café for making my first book signing a huge success! Sending you all a great big hug! Have a blessed day! ~ Laurie
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Watch the exciting book trailer for BLACKRIDGE!

The first installment in the fast-paced epic fantasy So’ladiun Series

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Excerpt from an interview with Laurie by Author Judy Goodwin. For the complete interview visit Judy’s website: http://judygoodwin.wordpress.com/

Tell me about your book. Blackridge, Book One of the So’ladiun is about a young teenage girl who grows up in a small village, leading a simple and fairly sheltered life. But after her instructor of magic is killed by a host of strange man-like beasts, her world turns upside down, and she faces a fate she never saw coming–a fate that could destroy her country and, possibly, the human race. Despite the doubts and fears–and lack of faith in her own abilities–she must choose to believe in herself and have the courage to follow her destiny or else her country will fall. With the support of her younger brother, her late mentor’s widow, and a small group of seasoned warriors, she embarks on a journey that is not only dangerous and physically exhausting, but spiritually fatiguing, as well.
What makes the world of your book unique? Anderan and surrounding countries could be any place on Earth before the industrial age and the invention of electricity. What makes the world unique is the characters and their abilities, and the fact that two gods, who have been given care of the world by their father The Creator, are actively at war with each other. Unable to fight directly with one another or else destroy the world that they both love, they are forced to use other means to hurt the other. This is where the So’ladiun come in. They are a rare and small group of warriors possessing unique magical powers and who are hand-picked by the God of Light, Solisius, long before they are born. The So’ladiun are Solisius’ Defenders of Light, charged to maintain the balance between good and evil, and peace and destruction against the evil his brother Obsudius lets loose in the world.Their counterparts, the N’gethwyn, serve Obsudius, doing all that they can to please their god’s bloodthirsty desire to conquer the world. Read the entire interview here.


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The Dogwood Tree Cover copy

The Dogwood Tree

Mayenta has once again returned to the land with no recollection of where she had gone. All she knew was, every time she returned to the vale, she returned lying in the same spot underneath a dogwood tree growing high upon Honor Mountain–and, as usual, she returned naked. What did it mean that she left Paigorya without warning? Where did she go? WHY did she go? And, most importantly, who was she? 

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