Once In Awhile I Might Come Up With Something To Say

Every now and then I kick around the idea of starting a blog, but then think what in the world would I say that could be remotely interesting to anyone. Heck, I’m boring as hell to myself–yawn! See? But EVERYBODY seems to think if you are a writer, then you better be blogging. Is that for real? You can’t be a writer and not talk about this, that, and the other whether it’s interesting or not? Ahh, okay. I give.
Hey, I’m not knocking the dedicated bloggers in any way, shape, or form. As a matter of fact, I have a few favorites that I love, LOVE, love to visit and read what they have to say. They are informative and helpful, and sometimes make me laugh. I enjoy those sites, and I do seek out others who like to share information and good stories. That aside, I’m just wondering if I need to be blogging. Like look at what I just wrote….probably offended 99% of the internet universe right off the bat. Maybe, for me…I’ll just talk about the weather….cold, ain’t it? Nah, I’ll come up with something. Hopefully, not as stupid as this first test post, and I’ll try not to be offensive….hopefully.