Let me tell you about the dream . . .

Years ago, I was a spectator in one of my own dreams, watching it from afar as one would watch a movie in a darkened theatre with the required bucket of buttered popcorn and extra large diet drink (because a diet drink offsets all caloric intake, at least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it), only there was no popcorn or drink involved–duh, it’s a dream, remember? Anyway, so I’m watching this dream unfold–I’m next to a river and a middle-aged man, fiftyish or so, is magically fighting against something across the river, but I don’t see who or what he is up against. Suddenly, something goes wrong, and he is lying on a sandbar and he is dying. cynderMy dream changes and now, I’m him, and I’m dying, and I can feel myself dying–gave me the heebie jeebies, I tell ya. Next, in runs two teens, a slim-built girl and a tall boy who drops by my side clearly concerned about me. I cannot speak to them, but I need for them to get this pendant that had separated from me and was now dangling on the branch of a long dead tree lying nearby. (I can still see the sunlight glinting off the gem.) Seeing me look at the gem with as much distinction as one could without the ability to move anything else, the young girl understands what I need for her to do, and retrieves the pendant. Once I see she has it, I can feel that the magician is satisfied to let himself go . . . and I feel his breaths slow down until they stop. Thankfully, I didn’t go with him and woke up thinking, what was that? And . . . what was the rest of the story? Then an unexpected little voice whispered, “Write it down.” Uh . . . okayyy . . . so later that morning, I sat in front of my computer with the intentions of writing the dream down verbatim much like I have described it to you. But God had other plans for me, and the first thing I wrote is still the first line in the Prologue . . . a line of dialogue that may not be profound, but it was a line that launched my journey into this adventure, and I wasn’t about to change it no matter how many bazillion rewrites this story went through. Some things one just cannot change, for good or ill.

So that, my friends, is how this adventure into the realm of the So’ladiun began. I hope you enjoy the journey.



Elhrin study copy


Artwork by Laurie Y. Elrod, Digital Media

Painting One: Cynder, The Dragon

Painting Two: Elhrin Caddoch

Painting Three: Gryphon Idwyr

Copyright © 2013 Laurie Y. Elrod, All rights reserved.

gryph portrait

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