Called into service as Master Gryph’s assistant within the Office of Specialized State Defense, Elhrin Caddoch, along with her partner Kyne Pittwold, are asked to investigate a series of brutal murders that has all the earmarks of the evil faction, the Brothers of M’gelidia—a violent organization dedicated to Obsudius, the dark god of Do’athra.

But fate has a wicked sense of humor and no consideration for timing, and those who thirst for blood will slither through the dark of cold shadow to seek revenge.

So, just as Elhrin and Kyne start making headway into the investigation, the city of Muryne is attacked by a host of the dark god’s Do’athrim and Master Gryph’s young son, Marcus, is kidnapped on the same night, forcing Elhrin into making an agonizing choice. Does she follow her heart and go after Marcus’ abductors in order to save the baby and possibly be accused of treason? Or must she follow the protocol that her sworn duty dictates and answer the call to fight for her country?

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